Brett Jarman

Small Business Coach, Consultant and Strategist

I help business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers with their strategic thinking and mindset so they can prosper, enjoy their work and get the results they are after in life. The way I see it, shift happens so you might as well make it go your way.

I specialize in working with people who:

  • have a business that has plateaued or is going backwards
  • have done everything they are ‘supposed to do’ but still can’t get ahead
  • have a business that needs to head in a new direction
  • want to leverage time and expertise but don’t seem to be making progress
  • have a clear vision but no-one else seems to get it (yet) or no-one else seems willing to pay for it
  • have a clear vision but the steps in between are a bit overwhelming
  • have crastination skills so advanced they have gone pro.

Modus operandi…

Here’s what’s in the toolbox.

  • Coaching – personal strategy. Equally practical. What makes you tick (or not) and how to make it work better.
  • Consulting – business strategy. The practical stuff. Nuts and bolts.
  • Teaching - online courses and face-to-face workshops
  • Speaking – group strategy. Leveraging ideas and insights. Shifting perspectives on a larger scale. Irreverent and fun but meaningful and purposeful at the same time.

The back story…

In case you’re interested.

  • Owner/operator of several small service and manufacturing businesses
  • Partner in a boutique marketing agency
  • Publisher/developer of several websites and internet newsletters
  • Consulting executive director of an international not-for-profit industry association in energy/transport
  • Organiser/partner of  several international conferences and seminars
  • Sixteen years as a gaffer (lighting tech) in film and television
  • Two years behind the scenes in professional theatre

It’s given me a great balance of creative and practical strategic experience that we can put to use in your business.


  • Students
  • Courses
  • Reviews