Brendan J. Norman

Owner of ChessnCognac & Pro Chess Coach for 10+ Years!

Owner of the world's best chess blog (ChessnCognac) and a high impact "out of the box" chess coach for over 10 years.

I have a long tournament experience and I take your chess training/improvement very seriously.

Are you ready to add a new dimension to your chess and have former rivals humiliated by your terrifying new skills?

Take my course and get started!

Here are some testimonials from my previous and current pupils:

I am very happy with your coaching style the past 6 months. History does remind me that you coached me when i was a 12 year old boy. But several years in the future your knowledge and tips have really helped me grow in my chess ability. I am able to play more aggressively and tear apart opposition who are faint hearted. I thank you for the rating gains over the past 6 months, 400 points in online blitz is a clear example of this and my ACF and Fide are around 1600. The rating goal of 2000 is looking promising. - Justin Dingley (Australia)

“By the way you give great lessons, my elo raised by 50 in 2 days of following your videos and posts, great stuff, keep it up!”- N. Tomasevic (Serbia)

“To have a one on one conversation with Brendan is like having my mind open tenfold. His patience, knowledge, enthusiasm, perseverance, speed of thought have me in awe. You’re not playing chess if you haven’t talked to Brendan. I have regained speed of thought through his coaching, and, yes, points too.”- T. Kaufman (France)

Brendan's methodical approach helped me improve my game 100+ points in two weeks. My understanding and pattern recognition in critical positions is vastly improved and my progress isnt slowing down. Brendan really puts in the time to explain common ideas and encourages a passion for the game of chess. 10/10 Best teacher of the game. - Peter Warren (Australia)

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