Bibhash Roy

Developer, Architect; Spring, Git & Big Data Geek, Trainer

Bibhash is a hardened Software Developer and Professional turned entrepreneur with over 25 years of rich industrial experience (17 years in Software Development) in diverse fields. However, he is passionate about teaching whatever he has learned in his career spanning an array of prestigious stints at large Global Corporate power houses such as PricewaterhouseCoopers and Siemens.

Over the years, he has has gained deep knowledge and expertise in programming languages such as Java, C, C++, PL/SQL, Scala and Python to name a few. He has worked extensively in various frameworks and tools such as Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, Spark and others. DevOps intensely interests him. He has been working with Git and GitHub since their inception. As a part of engineering responsibility, he has developed and architected numerous highly scalable & mission critical applications for many Fortune 500 companies. 

Currently in the role of founder and CEO, he is spearheading Whitepeak Software, a Cloud based Software Development Company that is deeply involved in domain such as Bigdata, mobile and Internet Of Things (IoT)!

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