Bernhard Rieder

Digital Marketing Expert

I am a self taught SEO Fanatic with over 20 years international business experience.

How can I rank my blogs, pages and websites in the TOP 10 of google to generate quality, targeted and 100% Organic Traffic ?

I am not a big fan of SEO Theories and Theses. I am one who creates results. I do practical SEO with proven results.

I also do have a Facebook Group called the QUAN GROUP in which I share my experience, my ups and downs in the past and my results. I gained that experience over years by doing tones of practical tests online.

My Background is Business Management and Marketing. Over the time I was able to apply my basic fundamental knowledge to the online word.

I have been working for major companies in Europe. Banks, Insurance Companies, Brokers and I also provide my knowledge to small business entrepreneurs.

I also do have a german Podcast (available on iTunes) in which I talk about Online Business, Small Business Startups and how you can find your niche market.

My nickname become my Brand. ALIEN BERNHARD.

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