Bennett Hui

App Publisher, App Marketing & Optimization Expert

Bennett doesn't just talk the talk, but also walks the walk. He published his first app in February 2012 that ranked in the top 30 in 13 countries, generated almost a million downloads and tens of thousands of dollars in revenue in its first year. It continues to make money to this very day. He's gone on to publish over 30 apps and games on iOS and over a dozen on Android, with more being added each month. Bennett earns money from publishing apps, he teaches because he loves helping others to do the same. He is the founder of AppOptimized, a resource for those that want to better market and optimize their apps.

Fast forward to present day. The mobile app scene has changed dramatically, there is a lot more competition and an increased supply of apps. The days of just putting an app out there and getting noticed are definitely gone -- no matter how amazing it is. Marketing and optimizing your app has to be deliberate and strategic. There needs to be a systematic plan in place that will boost your app’s exposure and increase its downloads... and that’s what AppOptimized is all about.

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