Beau Baez

Outstanding Teacher: High Ratings from Students

My passion is inspiring people to learn the law better.  I've been teaching law for two decades at online and traditional law schools.  Because I've made mistakes, I now have a better idea of what works and what doesn't in online education. Since I am always learning, I will regularly update this course based on student comments--the key to success in life is continuous improvement.  With lifetime access, you will benefit from every change I make to the course.

In addition to teaching thousands of law students, I am an active scholar.  I've written several books, including Tort Law in the USA, published by Wolters Kluwer. My scholarly articles have appear in prestigious journals, and you can find me teaching on the LearnLawBetter YouTube channel.


As a homeschooling parent I am very involved with all five of my children, as we spend time on our small farm in the country.  We have a small hen house, where we get plenty of fresh eggs everyday. In my spare time I enjoy hiking and backpacking with my son's scout troop.

I received my law degree (JD) from Georgetown Law School in Washington, DC, where I also earned an advanced degree (LLM) in taxation.  During my time in Washington I was able to join the United States Supreme Court bar,  attend over 100 oral arguments, and work on a few briefs that were submitted to the Court. But when I had the chance to become a full time professor, I jumped at the chance and have enjoyed teaching ever since.

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