Austin Abell

Co-Founder of 401kbuddy™ | Wealth Advisor at Glass Jacobson

-Creator and Co-Founder of 401kbuddy™

-Licensed Wealth Advisor at Glass Jacobson Financial Group

-10,000's of conversations with millionaires which helped refine my ability to simplify complicated investment concepts

-Co-built technology education sites that have attracted +5 Million users and +23 Million page views

-Millennial who knows how to engage and educate other Millennials


Hi guys! 

My name is Austin Abell and I am the Creator and Co-founder of 401kbuddy, a web-based 401k education program that uses white-board animation videos to walk employees through the process of enrolling in their 401k. I am also a licensed Wealth Advisor at Glass Jacobson Financial Group and hold my Series 7 and Series 63 licences. 

A little background . . . I worked at one of the largest financial services companies in the world in their high-net worth department, and assisted the investors who had more than $1 Million in assets. I had over 10,000 conversations with investors and was able to refine my ability to take complicated financial topics and communicate them in a way that others could understand. It was extremely rewarding to see many investors' eyes open for the first time to a new and better way of investing and thinking about their wealth.

Prior to this, in 2011, my brother Luke and I Co-founded a web development company. We also developed our own education sites that taught users how to accomplish tasks associated with technology. Our education sites have attracted over 5 million users and 23 million page views. We learned from the success of these sites how websites and content need to be structured to engage a user and help them master a complicated topic.

As a millennial, I am uniquely positioned to increase financial literacy in our generation. Millennials have a bad rap when it comes to financial literacy, but I would argue that we are extremely passionate about learning. There has been a lack of engaging and simplified investment education which has lead to poor financial literacy.

My aim is to create content that brings the "investing lightbulb" moment for my students. There are many misconceptions when it comes to investing. I hope to dispel those misconceptions and walk my students through the foundations of investing at their own pace. What better place to start than with your 401k plan? Join me today!

Austin AbellCreator and Co-Founder of 401kbuddy, Wealth Advisor at Glass Jacobson Financial Group

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