Astron SHK Trust

Science & creativity hand in hand

We undertake initiatives to create a launch pad into the world of Astronomy. Our activities are structured to induce the curiosity amongst the masses. Activities such as stargazing sessions, study visits and lecture series create a unique attitude towards space sciences. This enables bringing Astronomy to fit within a sphere of understanding which benefits every individual.

‘ASTRON’ works primarily for the spread of knowledge of Astronomy among the public to make their own contribution as far as possible. It has been actively working on the propagation of Astronomy in purely scientific temperament. Astronomy is the study of the physical universe, the entire cosmos around us, and as such is a fabulous and fascinating challenge. Unlike other physical sciences where the investigator can design an experiment to measure a particular quantity, Astronomy is largely an observational science. Astron is an activity of “ Swargiya Haribhau Kulkarni Vishwast Manch (SHK Trust) ” bearing registration number E/35001201/2001 working since 1997. 

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