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Hello, I am the founder of Aspiratech. In early 2007 I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and took a temp job at a transportation logistics company for a position requiring two weeks of training. The day before I began, the employee I was filling in for decided to leave early for maternity leave. It turned out that she had been acting as the de facto Salesforce System Administrator at the company, and no one else knew how to configure the system. I hit the ground running and was able to learn enough to improve efficiency considerably, so much so that the company decided to invest in my further training to increase the value of what I could do for them. It turned out I had a real knack for the technology, finding it gave me the opportunity to apply the breadth of business experience I'd gained over the years to use technology to solve real world business problems. A year and a half later I founded Aspiratech, an online business technology consulting firm specializing in Salesforce and other cloud technologies.

Since that time, as the final step of every implementation of Salesforce, Aspiratech has trained literally hundreds of new Sys Admins to maintain and continue to customize the new system we set up for their companies. Most of these new Sys Admins come from non-technical backgrounds, such as administration, marketing, sales and support. Quite a few have since gone on to achieve full certification. Others have decided not to pursue certification, finding more fascinating opportunities opening up to them simply because they can do more where they are now, have contact with more levels of the company, and garner appreciation from more of their co-workers, thus increasing their job security and upward mobility. I am happy to now offer a similar training to you in the hope that it will be a foundational part of your accelerated career success.

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