Arthur Wollocko

Software Engineer and Programmer

I've been a programmer for as long as I can remember - Ever since I was old enough to press keys on a keyboard, I've been breaking computers, and coming up with software-based solutions. 

Professionally, I've been doing Software-Engineering for over 10 years, and discovered Unity over five years ago. It shook my world, as I have a huge passion for games, and game design was always such a foreign concept to me, and seemed impossible. Unity broke that paradigm, affording everyone the capabilities needed to turn their random ideas into fully functioning games.

Since my discovery of this wonderful application, I've used Unity on a daily basis for both personal and professional projects for over four years.

Besides Unity and C#, I'm fluent (yes, I think programming languages should be considered full languages) in Java, C, Swift, JavaScript, jQuery, NodeJS, tons of other frameworks/libraries including but not limited to Express, Jade (PUG), Backbone, AngularJS 1)  HTML, CSS, MongoDB, and numerous relational databases (e.g., MySQL, PostGreSQL). My <3 is Unity and C#.

When not programming, I love to camp, spend time with my wife and child, and play basketball.

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