Argyris Stravelakis

Founder and CEO of Expansion Method

In 1997 he started his professional career as Artistic consultant in the company DITTO ltd, a Production Company and creates the revolutionary Coronet Theater. After four years of starting his own production company, Playinteractive, and creates a show with the compination of interactive theater performances and stand up comedy under the name: the Stand Up Comedy Show series. It combines dissimilar therapy methods in an entertaining show, to achieve the improvment of the daily life of those who watched the performances. He worked in the theater, television and film and participated in Philosophy courses presented by Nausikaa Romeou.

To 2008 and after a serious illness he changed his career is dedicated to his true passion, self-awareness and education and creates the ReTake Your Power and the therapeutic method Vibrative Expansion. His work slowly begins to be recognized and supported by the scientific community. Begins to provide seminars throughout Greece and achieve collaborations in UK and Ireland.

He writes, directs, trains and heals. He lives in Athens, Greece.

He believes in a world dominated by real Unconditional Love. He is putting his first “stone" with the seminars presented the bild the universal structure of true Love. He has devoted his life and his work on this condensing idea!

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