Anthony Rad

Founder at Date Academy, Entrepreneur

Tony Rad, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Date Modo, is the premier personal dating coach in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the past 2+ years, Tony has helped countless men rise above the abyss of dating scarcity and truly achieve a fulfilling life, often with solid relationships and even marriages. 

Before coaching men to dating success, Tony made the study of women, the art of seduction, and dating dynamics his central passion in life. An outstanding tenet of his is that “anyone can get good at anything if time and effort are applied to the endeavor in a generous manner.”

Tony's clients include Silicon Valley engineers, college students, and men who've struggled with dating and relationships their entire lives.

Tony's dating system and philosophies are built upon a lifetime of study, trial and error, persistence, and an unmatched passion for the dating game. His unique approach focuses on breaking through social conditioning and seeing "the true nature of women".

Nothing brings more joy to Tony than seeing his clients and students break out of their shells and achieve phenomenal levels of success with women.

Outside of the dating world, Tony enjoys playing soccer, self-improvement, and traveling whenever possible.

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