Annie Goeke

Leader in sustainable community building for over 30 years

Annie de la Bouillerie Goeke, Co-Executive Director ERI Living Lab has 25 years of leadership and experience in planning, developing, and maintaining programs using sustainable, holistic approaches for social enterprises and community building worldwide. She is a current UN NGO delegate through Earth Rights Institute, (ERI) a non-profit she co-founded. ERI assists communities and local stakeholders to empower themselves, providing programs and education that promote, create, and teach economic sustainable development. As a global development expert, she has worked on a wide range of initiatives and programs worldwide. Some of the programs she has designed include: ecological community development, socio-economic capacity building projects, fair trade, eco-tourism, potable water solutions, waste management/recycling, appropriate energy, urban youth programs, peace building education, economic policy reform, local organic farming collectives and emerging new markets. She has presented at international conferences and forums on climate change, sustainable development and women in leadership roles, including the UN for the World Summit, World Social Forum, European Union, Australian Congress, and more. With ERI, she initiated in partnership with UCLA a Sustainable Community Development study abroad program in Dakar, Senegal. Her experience uniquely combines a wide breadth of knowledge about ‘green’ practices in the marketplace and the implementation process for sustainable development. She has developed an unmatched range of contacts and experts involved in climate change, sustainability, socially responsible businesses, green energy, good governance and economic policies that address poverty and land use. She has developed strong relationships with many Ministers, MPs, Executive Directors of relevant organizations and other prominent stakeholders worldwide who work on solution based models addressing today’s global challenges. She has been recognized by the well-known PR firm Brown Lloyd James as a leader in innovative thinking.

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