Annabelle Drumm

Kitegirl - Feet on the ground for creative high flyers

Kitegirl Annabelle Drumm has been coaching since 1995 as a specialist Business and Life Coach for Creative Industries such as Media, Advertising, Entertainment, Arts, Photography, Writers and Event Managers. Her vast knowledge about the hindrances that can get in the way of a professional creative career is unique. Her passion is to help as many creative people in the world as possible improve their performance, get clarity on their direction and attract in the work they love most. 

Since 2007, Annabelle Drumm has been studying a mix of Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Emotional Intelligence and Metaphysics (Law of Attraction) to add strength and wisdom to her services. At this time in history, keeping up with the Leading Edge of knowledge means her coaching and training is always appropriate and forward thinking – ideal when you want to get ahead of the crowd.

With a well balanced left/right brain she easily flows between the analytical logic and fluid artistic thinking of her clients. She is well known for her own lateral thinking, malleable communication skills, her naturally supportive, positive nature and intuitive wisdom which makes her incomparable in the field of life and business coaching. 

Currently based in Sydney, Australia she continually adds to the products and services on her website to help with all stages of your career, from noobs to retiring. She regularly works as a discrete Personal Coach for Celebrities and works internationally via phone, Skype or FaceTime. (Not tele-porting yet but watch this space.)

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