Angelo Kalevela

Certified Business Analyst

I have spent the last 4 years as a business analyst tackling a wide range of projects from large scale initiatives like corporate intranets and full company integrations to smaller projects like single purpose applications and process optimizations.

During that time I became a certified business analyst and worked closely with my business analyst team to revamp and re-energize the entire business analysis process at my company.

I spend a lot of my time focused on how I can make myself and my peers better as business analysts by building ourselves and enhancing our processes. I read about it, talk about it, blog about it, and have been featured in the International Institue of Business Analyst newsletter about it. (IIBA July 2014 Newsletter "The Simplest Way to Understand All of Your Business Analysis Deliverables.")

In addition to being a business analyst, I like to play soccer and dance in my free time (check me out on Youtube too!)

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