Angela Akar

Team leader in a personal recruitment agency, HAYS

I am working as a team leader in a personal recruitment agency. We do staff experts in different sections into midsized and big companies that are located in Germany and Switzerland. In my daily business I guide qualified employees through the application procedure and keep my ears open to all the questions that might come up within this process. I deal with specialists from all over the world, mostly from all different European countries.

You can understand that extraordinary rhetorical abilities and a precise utilization of the German and also English language are a very important part of my daily business at work.

On top of that, I have a personal faible for languages as such and especially for my mother language, which is German. For this reason, I am already helping international students learn German for several years. As my German, it is completely free of any dialects (which you don't find very often in Germany), my students learn the high German (a.k.a “Hochdeutsch" in German language).

Apart from German, I do also speak English, French and Turkish on an advanced up to a very advanced level.

I have a grown son who is also fluent in English and French (actually he was the first student I taught in learning a foreign language).

Privately, I do love to spend my time in reading German and English literature. As a language enthusiast, I am taking language classes in Turkish in order to improve my language skills. Last, but not least, I am doing a lot of sports as a compensation to all the mental work.

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