Name: Andy Ng (also known as AndyTheCoach)

Number of years in full-time training and coaching: 17 (since 14 May 2001)

Business Coach, Consultant and Trainer, Andy Ng combines 29 years of professional experience, all with a passion to help people to be more successful at work and in their life. 

Andy possesses a MBA from UK and has an Accountancy degree from National University of Singapore. He has, to-date, trained over 81,131 people in 15 countries including USA, Mexico, Australia, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Japan, Maldives, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia and his hometown Singapore.

Prior to starting his own training and coaching business in 2001, Andy was the Director of Finance, HR and Admin at the world's then 5th largest computer networking equipment manufacturer Allied Telesis International (Asia).  Andy's other experiences include Stockbroker, Financial Analyst at Chase Manhanttan Bank, Consultant at KPMG, and Auditor at Deloitte and Touche.

Since the age of 5, Andy has been selling all his life. Currently he is leading a team of 4 entrepreneurs in a global e-commerce business Jeunesse Global. 

The courses provided by Andy are very popular with the target market, and many of Andy's videos, articles and courses are featured regularly in the local media including. 

At home, Andy is a happy man with 3 happy children age 14 to 19 and one, beautiful wife. 

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