Andy C. Ash

Entrepreneur, Artist, Social Media Innovator

Hi, I’m Andy! 

I am an entrepreneur. 

I was always told to follow one path or another and to specialize in this or that… but that got me nowhere. The world is to big for such a narrow focus. So I ditched the traditional road-map and followed the compass in my heart.

I now run a media company and work as writer and talent manager creatively redefining how we use the online space. I am a passionate innovator across social media channels and my mind is constantly racing with new ideas on how to leverage their potential and change lives.

I spend much of my time traveling the world and deeply immersing myself in whatever feels right at the moment. Long ago I realized that I learn the best by pushing my comfort zone. So each day I work to push it farther and farther always seeking to live in the new.

I am forever grateful for the opportunities social media has provided me- For the ability to reach into my pocket and connect with the world, to be able to work from anywhere, any time, and remain close with those who are so far.

I have helped countless people learn to leverage the power of social media and live the life of the dreams. From selling their art, to launching their new album, to driving traffic to their websites and bringing in customers to their stores. Whether your goals be personal or professional, I’m here to help.

If you would like to connect be sure to click the links to my social channels and reach out! I love meeting new people and sharing in this wonderful experience we call life.


My Passions: Language, Design, Memory, Psychology, Cognition, Writing, Art, Personal Development, Social Media, Technology, Extreme Sports, Love. 

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