Andreas Dorn

Certified NLP-, Hypnosis-, NLP Coach Trainer

Andreas is the founder of Asia Mind Dynamics and he lives in Asia Pacific since 1993.

Andreas is a:

- Certified Trainer of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming,

- Certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

- Certified NLP Master Coach Trainer

- Certified Trainer of Master Timeline Therapy™ Techniques

- Certified Master Trainer of the Language and Behaviour Profile (LAB Profile) – Words That Change Minds.

Andreas came across NLP in 2003, after he felt deeply frustrated with the efforts that behavioural change seemed to be so hard to initiate and maintain. At that time, he worked in a HR Consulting company and was engaged in corporate change management projects and Merger and Acquisitions.

Once he learned these tools, he never looked back and started to study everything related to the mind. Constantly upgrading his skills, he was trained more than 3,000 hours himself .

Since 2003, he has trained 1,000s of people across Asia-Pacific, and coached politicians, CEOs, directors and other people to get rid of their problems and make their dreams come true.

These tools, to Andreas, are not just tools, but they are essential, to run your life successfully, the way you want, desire and deserve it.

You see, most of us face challenges in our life and while we pursue our goals.

But most times, these issues are created in the mind first. Now, these tools mentioned above assist individuals to overcome challenges, and problems, and achieve their outcomes fast and effectively by helping them to "clear their mind" from thought viruses and accumulated limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

Andreas deeply believes that everybody has the right to create a positive life, in happiness and total fulfillment.

Throughout his career, Andreas has spoken in conferences, was interviewed on TV, contributed articles to leading newspapers in Malaysian and the region, and successfully removed a deep-seated phobia from someone’s mind, life on TV.

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