Anders Toxboe

Head of Interactive Media

I've spent my last 20 years building websites. The first part building them with my bare hands as a web developer, later by managing. I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark.

In my day job, I manage my team of 70 fantastic employees parted into 8 development teams, UXers, test- and release managers, and product owners. It is dire times. If we fail to build products that are both easy to use, captivate our audience, and grow new users and revenue, our whole company will suffer in the long run. Our strong turnaround focus has made psychology and motivation an ever important factor in the products we build. We have failed plenty, but have also experienced many spot-on successes.

Since 2007, I have been running a popular site on UI Patterns. It has led me to explore, learn, and understand the mechanisms behind the user experiences we all take for granted. My courses are an extension of my website.

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