Ana Honrado

Translator and Teacher

Ana Honrado is a translator and a teacher, with a career that already has more than eight years.

Worked in places of interest such as small translation companies, Embassy of India and TAP, as well as some national publishers and public and private schools in Portugal.

Ana Honrado graduated in Translation by the Catholic University in Lisbon, and made a specialization in Law at UL and Tourism in ISLA.

In 2013 launched her first book entitled "Batalhas de um tradutor iniciante" (Battles of a beginner translator) which shares some important information relating to the field of translation, as well as some experiences lived in the 7 years of work as a freelancer and subsequent.

Ana Honrado works as a freelance translator since June 2007 and worked as a teacher for two years, opening in 2015 her own company in the translation and education industry.

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