Amy Hebdon

Marketer and Cover Letter Expert

I want to help you get your dream career.

Learn job skills from someone with real world experience.

I may be the only person you'll meet who is this passionate about the "job hunt" and NOT an HR coach. I consider that to be a good thing.

Most career coaches give the same "best practices" advice, and while some of it's useful, it never gets to the heart of what you really need to do to get a job, making the process way more stressful than it needs to be. I'm very systematic by nature, so when I was looking for a new job in 2007, I developed my own methods and strategies, and tracked what worked and what didn't. I started to see patterns I'd never considered (and never heard!) before.

After I got a great new job (at a much better company with a much better salary than what I left), I started helping my friends brush up on their resumes and cover letters, but I found I was spending a lot of time on each person. I put my experience into a powerpoint presentation and sent the link to my friends when they needed help. That presentation has now been seen 40,000 times, with several hundred downloads. It's even been incorporated into MBA training.

I knew I had "cracked the code" when I started receiving success story after success story from people who had applied my training; this system doesn't just work for me, it WORKS. I've now taught workshops across the country, and have learned a lot about people's challenges that are much different than my own.

I've put together my training on Udemy as a way to help more people. This platform allows me to add worksheets, practice downloads, and in-depth material. In addition, I can go really deep in the lectures while maintaining an easy-to-follow format. It has been a lot of work to build this out, but I want to teach it in the best possible way so that students can fully understand every step of the process.

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