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Hi, I am Amos, a music performer and teacher located in Australia (Sydney) and the Owner of Amosdoll Music on YouTube with over 125,000+ subscribers and over 30,000,000+ view counts where I have played over 1700+ completely new songs by ear. 

Despite that, I am also a qualified Classical Pianist have 2 Diplomas AMuSa and LMuSa at hand.

If you...
- Struggle from days to months to learn only ONE new song?

-Hate learning from Synthesia tutorials and want to know how music actually works?

- Considered learning piano but don't know WHERE to start?

Then my piano courses can help you :)

Nowadays, you can find piano teachers everywhere (I can bet that you can find at least one every street in Australia), but very little amount of teachers can truly teach how to play any song by ear, let alone DO it for themselves.

However, I am for one that "preach what I teach" as I can play ANY completely new song that I haven't heard before by ear in modern day music ranging from video game songs, English/Chinese billboard songs, Kpop, movie soundtracks (and everything that you could think of) simply with my series of methods in LISTENING, and implementing melodic/harmonic/rhythmic improvisational techniques to learn ANY song within 10-20 minutes!

Wouldn't you love to do that too?

My goal is to teach these methods to ONLY those who are willing and interested to learn this. For those who want to learn something other than all the traditional music teachers doesn't teach.
I am more than happy to teach everything I know to those who share the same passion as me and that is...


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