Web Engineer Hassan Azimi

Software Engineer and Web Developer

Hi My name is Amir Hassan Azimi and I am a software engineer and a web developer. My second job is to produce videos about technology and computers for people all over the world. I have first class degree with Honours one of the top universities in London and I am working towards the best technologies about software, coding and he web. I understand most of the programming languages mainly web based languages. I continuously enjoy learning new technologies exclusively programming languages by watching tutorials instead of reading books and this is not mean I don't read books at all. Subsequently, reading a lot of books about computers and watching more video lectures about programming and web developing, I educated a lot of new subjects and I decided to make the professional tutorials. I am obsessed with everything about computers and fascinated by everything about programming which leads me to build things like a puzzle. By reading books I noticed they do not have that impression, sense and excitement similar to videos. I do not mean they are useless, what I mean is they are far away from fun, practical, excitement and walking through each lesson. I noticed something else and that was lack of video tutorials about computing for Persians and Farsi speaking people and that must be because of low Internet speed and Internet censorship. I found Udemy is not censored in Iran but YouTube is and that was a great news for me, which made my students asking me to find a way to allow them to download my videos. I am sure some people do not learn only by reading as some people do. Most people who computing is their career are practical people rather than people with humanity subjects, one them is myself. I am a practical person, I learn by watching. Therefore, I decided to make video tutorials. Today I am the only best Persian tutorial source for all Persians and the only one who makes really professional tutorials with great video and audio quality. If you watch my tutorials you will notice I really care about every single video tutorials I make and I have so much respect to Udemy academy which I think it is one of the best ideas.

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