American Accent Pro

Speech Trainer 30+ Years- Professional American Accent Coach

Let me utilize my nearly 30 years of public speaking experience, training, and private American Accent coaching to help you achieve the level of American English pronunciation and accent you need to speak confidently and reach your goals!

I have spoken in front of thousands of people and have coached trainers, and other speakers from all over the world to do the same with confidence. International companies like R2S and Cartus have hired me to teach their employees and clients from outside the USA to reduce their accents, and improve their abilities to communicate with co-workers, staff, and clients.

Additionally, I have provided private, one and one consultation and coaching to professionals from over a dozen countries who wish to develop the American Accent, speak with confidence, and sound like a native. This training has also enriched the students' lives personally and many have become my life-long friends.

I have glowed with pride when students tell me that others have complimented them on their accent and pronunciation. I have had students that have been mistaken for native English speakers. Would you like to be one of them?

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