Amelia is a certified Reiki Master and Animal Naturopath who began her journey into Reiki over 9 years ago. Recently, her work has been centered toward expanding access to Reiki nationally and incorporating Reiki into healing for animals and those working in the pet and rescue industry. A nature lover and lover of people, Amelia is dedicated to inspiring others to be their best self through her classes and coaching.

"Amelia Clemens, who has been a reiki practitioner since 2006, says that reiki for animals is more or less the same as reiki for humans. However, physical contact does not always occur with animals because they are not able to give consent to receiving reiki as humans can.

Clemens respects animals as higher beings. Because they are intuitively based and rely on senses for survival instinctually, animals are energetically more connected than humans who tend to get caught up in the mind, she said.

Clemens, 37, was a private investigator for ten years before she found reiki as her calling.

'I went through the toughest year of my life last year," Clemens said. Her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she was fighting depression.

'After taking the animal reiki class, the world opened up to me," she said. 'I started to feel better. My depression lifted. Volunteering brings me more joy than anything. It brought my healing, a calm I hadn't experienced that I needed very deeply.'

Clemens founded Redondo Beach Reiki last year, offering Reiki treatments, classes, and workshops to South Bay and West Los Angeles pets and pet owners. Affirmations of her reiki ability happen on a quotidian basis without warrant." (From the Easyreader News, published October, 2014)

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