Amanda Garion

Belly Dance Professional

Amanda began her study of belly dance in January 2012, after being mesmerized by gypsy-style belly dancers at several renaissance faires. She started by taking classes at local park districts, and quickly caught on to the intricate moves involved in belly dance, and always wanted to learn more, and more... Amanda entered the performing world and took on the stage name of Shyama. She continues to study belly dance technique on her own, by taking workshops with other professionals, and doing extensive research on all styles and techniques of belly dancing. Her musical tastes have always involved metal in all its forms, and upon meeting two like-minded dancers, her troupe Stygian Sisters was born!

Amanda has created and performed several solo dances, and is constantly working on more. She specializes in fusion-style belly dance, drawing inspiration from all styles of dance around the world. She also enjoys dancing with props like swords, veils, and fans.

Amanda began teaching private lessons in 2013 out of her home. Her students often comment about how much self confidence and self esteem they have developed since taking her classes. Amanda hopes to spread her love for belly dance and the beneficial effects it has--physically, emotionally, spiritually, and even socially!

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