Algernon A. Tucker

Achievement Simplification Expert and Lifestyle Lifter

"It Is Impossible To Spend Time With Me and Not Walk Away Better Than You Arrived! Not Just Better... But More Precisely Who You Are Supposed To Be."

Learning is in my blood - I am always researching and discussing ideas to make what I've learned practical and transferable to clients like you.

My thoughts build like a brick mason. One brick at a time, each supporting the previous, creating a bulletproof fortress around you and your goal.

I ponder frequently.

I decide swiftly.

You advance daily.

I weigh the possible ramifications, consequences, outcomes, and effects. I aim to understand the basic “whys” and “hows” of a situation, problem, or opportunity.

Armed with this knowledge, I can quickly see options to help you advance while simultaneously increasing your personal value - your money making ability - a reason for people to want what you have to offer.

Trust me to be calculating.

Rely on me to be deliberate.

Depend on me to warn you early.

Expect me to protect you (from even your own deficiencies, blind spots, and vulnerabilities).

I am scholarly, especially when my clients have an important goal to reach. I am willing to examine relevant topics for extended periods of time. No one can connect the dots like me to help you create a winning action plan -- something you can believe in and stick to (when it hurts or becomes difficult).

My solutions are practical, yet uncommon.

This means you'll have an edge... over nearly everyone!

A little bit of Maxwell,

Seasoned with J. Lant,

Baked in King James,

And then served with a side of Tyree.

You probably have no clue what this means, but I do and once you know, it will make you more attractive to prospects (any person you're trying to persuade), more decisive yet wise about relationship (especially if you're married), and more accomplished in the things that matter most to you (like that goal you have failed to reach over and over and over again).

I am determined to help you get there, but you have to promise me you won't quit.

My energy level is off the charts when it comes to solving problems that make my clients smile. I absolutely HATE seeing extraordinary people (like YOU) stuck in a job, relationship, or lifestyle you despise.

You'll learn to create a system for right action, an environment that supports the goal you're after, and a list of irresistible reasons for others to celebrate and reward you for your ability to make their life better. Your current plan fails to do this and that is why you're here today...

You want results...

Not just the temporary feel good that often accompanies the pursuit of happiness.

It's time for you to expand your resources, magnify your vision, beef up your strengths, intensify your commitment and direct your daily activity.

To accomplish this alone is nearly impossible.

You need a partner.

Not just any partner.

A mastermind alliance.

A person committed to helping you redefine what will actually satisfy your craving and put your life on a new level of enjoyment, prosperity, and capacity to deliver value that makes you feel outstanding.

Our minds join.

We define your Bull's Eye.

We hone your skill.

We upgrade your courage.

You're Ready.

You Aim.

You Breakthrough.

Just about everything we'll do together is systematic -- which means you can experience repeated success.

I'll study your patterns.

Encourage your genius.

Highlight your blind spots.

Help you avoid pitfalls.

Break you out of your own jail.

Set you up with HABITS that advance you daily.

Together, we'll venture beyond the crap that other poor souls have no chance in hell of escaping.

Nothing could be simpler.

I've worked hard to make this easy for you!

Enroll in the course.

Complete the Lectures and Action Plans.

Start and Participate in Discussions.

Ask for help when you get stuck.

Achieve your goal and start the next recommended course.

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