Tina Wise

Director Edu.,N.W.C.Ltd.,B.S.,PTT,CPT,Teacher Trainer,Author

As N.W.C. Ltd. educator she truly believes in this modern approach to health and well - being as a way of life. This journey began twenty years ago, when she began working in the Health and Wellness Industry, collaborating with doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and sports medicine professionals merging a modern exercise science with traditional methods of teaching.

Through her expertise as a physical therapist assistant and qualification as a Pilates Teacher, she was responsible for creating client programs and for improving the quality of care for patients with pre/post injury, (neuromuscular) degeneration, acute or chronic ailments and/or disorders. This included aquatics as a form of transitional therapy for muscle balance training and regeneration. She further created and adopted preventative programs for individuals, including Special Populations, as a means to transform the body to full functional mobility and health.

Ten years ago, while creating and developing educational health/fitness programs, she began contributing to the creation of the curricula and support material for the International NWC Caribbean Pilates® Training and Educational Programs. She is the author of several published manuals, including the “N.W.C. Pilates Teachers’ Training Manual(s), the NWC Caribbean Pilates® Fundamental Matwork, Volume I and the NWC Caribbean Pilates® Advanced Matwork, Volume II.”

These manuals are essential to guide her student teachers and trainers through the process of teaching and training others in this modern day version of the Pilates Method, namely Bodiesology®. Along with the Executive Director of Education, she has co-written, Pure Philosophy: The Essence of Pilates, which offers a complete theoretical understanding of the principles of NWC Caribbean Pilates®. As an educator, she exemplifies the true mind/body existence as the Programs Director for N.W.C. Ltd.

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