Mr Alex Swallow

The Influence Expert- Helping You Grow Your Influence

Hi, I’m Alex Swallow, The Influence Expert.

I believe that everyone– individuals, companies, charities, institutions- needs to grow their influence if they are going to have the greatest impact possible on the things that matter to them.

I'm the Author of the book 'How To Become An Influencer' which you can download for free on my website.

I’ve grown my career to be a recognized thought leader in some of the things that matter most to me. I’ve been the Chief Executive of a national charity, founded my own organisation and grown a large online following that helps me to communicate my message. I have also built a unique model- The LEAPS Model- that will help you think systematically about all the different ways you can grow your influence.

Educated at Cambridge and Sussex Universities, teaching in the UK, Romania and Japan (the latter for 2 years) and mentoring and informally coaching people- I know what good teaching looks like and I will deliver it to you through my courses. 

I look forward to going on a journey of growing influence with you and helping you to increase your impact and achieve your ambitions.

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