Smart Senior QA Engineer with solid programming skills and rich experience in Software Testing. 

I DO CARE about QA / Software Testing professionally for about 5 years and I like it. QA Engineer position is the place where I uncover my natural curiosity and go the extra mile. Always eager to learn new things, share knowledge and mentor other Engineers.

I’ve started years ago from interest to software testing and programming. For now, I do test automation using Selenium WebDriver API mixing it with JavaScript / Node.js and utilize npm packages. Also, I have decent experience with test automation based on Java. Dive into terminal and experiment with BDD styled API testing or hacking CI which is my day-to-day activities. I am focusing on complicated tasks. Testing framework architecture, how to optimize tests execution speed and structure, parallel testing etc.

Recently I’m working on projects using JavaScriptES6, Webpack, npm scripts, Babel and React with Redux based on Node.js and Express server.

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