Alexander Fanshel

Entrepreneur, marketing consultant & self improvement coach

I'm Alexander Fanshel, an entrepreneur with a passion for helping others.

After spending time as a marketing consultant to Fortune 500 companies such as Aheuser-Busch and Red Bull, I caught the entrepreneurial bug. After quickly filling at my first startup, I've since built numerous successful businesses ranging from online education to Meetups to freelance marketing consulting. All the while, I've worked at a number of venture funded of startups and spent time as an analyst at a venture capital fund.

I'm passionate about learning and teaching both hard and soft skills as I am a strong believer in a full-brain approach. More specifically, I spend my time thinking about marketing, self improvement, communication skills and building businesses. As a result of my efforts, I've taught over 10,000 students both on and offline.

Outside of teaching, I am passionate about health and fitness having recently completed my first triathlon and I am currently training for my first Half Ironman.

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