Alex Tattle

Creative, Serial Entrepreneur, Innovator, Leader, Teacher

Alex, from a very young age has always had an unparalleled drive for success. From starting and running his own high end, successful construction business, to creating a new invention andĀ bringingĀ it to life along side his brother Ryan. They successfully designed and manufactured a product right from the idea stage into an incredible business that is soon to be world renowned.

Along side his drive and visions, Alex is known for his amazing ability to learn quickly from anything that may counter his path. Being a serial Entrepreneur allows him to puts his mind to wanting to learn a new aspect of business or personal and stop at nothing to become a leader in that field. So once Alex and Ryan had this idea for a product, Crowdfunding was their solution and that was going to be their mission for the next 2 years, to gain all the knowledge possible form as many different sources as humanly able.

After running a successful crowdfunding campaign, talking to many successful campaign creators and building two business' from the ground up Alex decided that there was to much information that he had gathered to go to waste. This is the reason for wanting to become a lecturer. He wants everyone to share his new found and backed theories and put them to practice so that everyone can create a successful life.

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