Alec Kriebel

Current Freelance iOS Dev, iOS Developer of 5 years, Former Lead iOS Developer @ Instamour

Alec Kriebel has been an iOS developer since 2010 and has used his self-taught skills in a plethora of mobile development scenarios.

Upon teaching himself iOS development, Alec went on to release 10+ apps that netted hundreds of thousands of downloads.

After learning how to developer iOS apps from online communities, Alec decided to give that knowledge back to newer prospective iOS developers by creating a series of professional iOS tutorials released for free on YouTube.

From these free videos, Alec was contacted by many of his students to continue their iOS development work for them. Since this, Alec has been an iOS Development freelancer, and continues to be one.

The peak thus far in his career is the How To Develop iOS Apps course, which compiles all knowledge needed to begin iOS development, but tailors it to people who want to self-teach, not people who already have knowledge. Alec tailored his course this way because he was once struggling to learn iOS development, and wanted to help those in his previous position.

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