Alan Boyer

Helping Coaches Attract Clients Instead of Having to Chase

Has helped businesses add another $100K to $1M step by step.

Alan's goal is 

1) not just teaching principles,

2) but actually making sure that every student gets measurable results to the target level. He includes the level to which a student SHOULD reach, and how to get beyond. No failures allowed. He is there to help reach not just doing, but achieving the stated measurable results and beyond.

Reach the Target Level for Each Course, Alan Will Help

In fact, at many steps throughout the courses he tells the student exactly the measurable result that he should be able to receive from doing that right, and how to tune it up to get higher and higher results. And if the student is still off target, he is there to work with the students on getting up to that level of success.

Sharing in his courses how he

  • --Built a $450K business in less than 2 years
  • --Has helped his clients make anywhere from $100K for each step, to $1M in each step often when they said it wasn't possible because they had tried so hard for so long.

He has been a

  • --Coach for 15 years
  • --Consultant for over 30 yrs
  • --International executive managing/troubleshooting worldwide businesses, working, teaching and consulting with executives around the world.

He discovered after moving to a small family owned business that getting clients for a small business is VERY different than in the big businesses. After struggling for months, he turned his small family business into a $450K business within a couple of years.

Since then he has worked with other businesses to help small business to reach $100K in fast steps, and several bigger businesses to add $10's of millions.

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