Ahmed Chaatouf

You can Learn Wing Chun FAST with me

Wing Chun is a unique Chinese martial art. It has enormous potential to transform you into an effective fighter and impact every aspect of your life in a positive way. Wing Chun training allows you to feel and access the powerful energy of your body. When done well, it can lead to profound improvements in your mental and physical health. It is considered a moving meditation, with the extra bonus of sharpening reflexes and getting the structure of the body trained to generate blistering power.

I don't believe in wasting time and have been frustrated by the pace of traditional classes myself. I understand the struggles and blocks to learning Wing Chun. I really feel for people desperate to learn Wing Chun, but forced to go in the slow lane.

I created this course to fast-forward learning of Si Lim Tao which is the foundation of Wing Chun. I hope this course reaches parts of you that other courses don't reach. More than just showing you, I have tried to make you feel as though you are living this course. Give me one day and secure your foundation of Wing Chun. Real, honest and true learning is taking place in this course. 

I advise all my friends and family to have a martial art. I believe Wing Chun is of benefit to the widest range of people and it should be considered as the first choice of all martial arts.

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