Adam Carson

Founder and Chief Communicator at Accent Artisan

There’s nothing out there like the Accent Artisan system to make you realize how easy it in fact is to drastically improve your spoken English... no, you don't have to be born with the language to sound authentic.Fortunately, you can simply buy them.

Polyglot Adam Carson has gone through the traditional route of learning languages and has repeatedly been told "You'll never sound like a native speaker! You'd have to be born into it!" which motivated him to challenge this common myth and bring it down crashing! 

Your voice speaks much more than your words and Adam knows how to adjust the sound easily and painlessly and uses his wealth of knowledge as an actor and a language veteran to help you shine. What are the results? Less Fear. Clear communication and more confidence.

He has a graduate of National Chengchi University (Taiwan), M.A. in International Communication.

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