Abraham Xiong

Small Business Evangelist @ Gov't Contractors Association

Abraham Xiong is an entrepreneur and the President of the Government Contractors Association. He works tirelessly as an advocate and small business evangelist to create greater economic opportunities and more inclusion for small businesses in the government sector.

He has helped many businesses to grow and achieve millions in the commercial and government market.

From his youth, Abraham has started multiple businesses and led them to great success. In one of his early start-up, he took $300 to opened an office furniture company and amass more than $10 million in assets. After selling the furniture company, he became an investor in real estate and started a construction company. He also co-founded a real estate coaching company to train and educate investors.

As an entrepreneur himself, he understands the unique challenges which business owners face in growing their companies and uses his vast experience to coach and guide them towards realizing their entrepreneurial dreams.

Abraham has a gift to take complex things and break it down for easy learning. In his role as the President of the Government Contractors Association, he has amassed an enormous amount of information in order to simplify them into a methodology that even beginners in the government market can quickly understand.

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