Abigail Auriemma

Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Hi there! My name is Abby Marie and I'm a fitness fanatic, nutrition inspired, dog loving kinda gal who loves challenging life's rule book, breaking past self imposed thought barriers and taking risks on my dreams. I'd rather trip and fall through life than never try at all, but the good thing is I know how to have fun, get people excited, and join me in making this life a party. 

I've had my online health and fitness business for 7 years in the area of coaching people on mindset, creating health and fitness as a natural lifestyle choice, and building their own businesses from home. 

My next big dream is to travel for a year with my soon to be husband while working from our computers continuing with my online fitness programs, health coaching, and social media curation. 

I'm excited about being apart of the Udemy community and hope that you are learning a lot like I am, check out my own Instructor courses and I look forward to meeting you! 

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