Aaron Hutchinson

Making Learning Fun and Easy for Everyone

Aaron Hutchinson is a professional teacher, consultant, speaker and writer. He specializes in English as a second language and is TESOL/TEFL certified. He works as a consultant and lesson writer for a professional English teaching company in Asia. He works, as well, with English teaching companies in Europe and North America helping people of all ages and professional backgrounds to improve their English Skills. In addition, Aaron tutors private students in English speaking and public speaking skills, freelance writes for an educational publishing company, and provides public speaking instruction. He has years of experience as a public speaker and experience teaching thousands of students one–on-one and in large group classes from all around the world to speak, read and write English. Besides his love of the English language, Aaron is also interested in history, especially medival and renaissance history. He believes that learning should be fun and available to everyone. Aaron is originally from the East Coast in the United States. He and his wife love to travel, and are currently residing on the Pacific Coast in the Baja California area and teaching students online.

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