Elena Zelenina


How would your life look like if you have high energy, clarity, and self-leadership?

Elena's mission is to help people achieve that through her life coaching, business training or transformation through art and the science of completion training. Elena Zelenina has been arts advocate for many years. Elena authored three books "Arts To The Rescue" and "Modern Breakthrough for Women" She is a host of "Art Of Being" segment at the TV project "We". Her Upcoming book "Art Completes You. Transformation through art and the science of completion" is coming out in the Fall of 2017. "She founded and ran a successful art school in New Jersey for 11 years.
Elena has been teaching for 30 plus years. and has conducted classes and workshops in the US, Russia and India, She holds two Masters Degrees   She was trained and certified to teach meditation  and the science of completion in India.  She is a certified Vedic Art Instructor.  She has been teaching meditation series "Guaranteed Solutions"  for NYPL since 2015.

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