Zan Nadeem

Lead Robotics Teacher at Restech

Zan has worked with thousands of students, parents and teachers delivering a range robotics  of courses and workshops. She has recently created a range of online courses to reach more students.

"Robotics is a fascinating and hugely rewarding subject to be involved with, whether you learn it for fun or to use in your career or business. 

All of the skills involved are highly valuable and being able to create things, being a part of the maker movement brings a lot of fun and excitement."

Zan has a 1st class degree in Robotics, which she found hugely challenging at first, but this has made her understand the concept of failing both in learning and in the real world and how it can propel you to success.

"I use my own experiences in my teaching and my approach of telling you the bits you need to know first and getting something working, with a problem solving, have a go approach, works very well with students of all ages.

I hope to use this same technique in the courses to bring the same joy to more students."

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