Elle Beyer

Martial Arts Instructor

Coach Elle Beyer (Miss Elle) has been teaching and sharing her methods of fighting and fending off bigger and multiple attackers for over 10 years.  The harsh reality is that women are preyed upon generally by men who are physically stronger or have prepared to have a physical advantage. Almost all self defense systems on the market are designed by men, who have no idea what it's like to be tackled by someone 2x their size with 10% more muscle mass.  Elle has escaped attempted kidnapping and rape on two separate occasions.  The first time was when she was 16 years old, she was followed by a man who attempted to kidnap her in a Walmart parking lot.  The second time, while walking to work, a group of 5 men tried to force her into their car.  A competitive athlete most of her life (including wrestling on her High School Varsity Team), she decided Martial Arts was the rightful path for her to pursue.  15 years of fight training became the catalyst for the Survival Science program, a self defense program co-created and developed by Elle, for the sole purpose of helping women and young girls escape sexual assault.  After learning her home city was #2 ranked in the nation for human trafficking, she decided enough was enough.  At 125 lbs, Elle understands what it's like to be physically vulnerable to larger, stronger attackers.  She put her training to the literal test, by going out into public places, and taking on 230 lb MMA fighters, to find out if her techniques actually worked.  You can see some of her field testing videos in this series.  

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