Amit Arora

Business Systems Analyst

Thank you for visiting my page. Who am I? I'm an ex hotelier who has seen his fair share of weddings. I have seen the tight rope act between a well executed and planned wedding Vs. how an event kind of falls apart without proper planning.

Being from the hospitality background I understood the art and science of keeping guests happy without having them ever see the craziness behind the scenes. In that sense weddings are kind of similar to hotels. Where all the crazy stuff happens behind the scenes, while the front of the house gets the best seats to the show. I'm also a new dad {insert lack of sleep here} and enjoying fatherhood 

I discovered my love for teaching in my current role, when my company rolled out a new software & tasked me to train 70+ employees on this new platform. I'm on the constant quest of learning and teaching new skills on how we can do things smarter, not harder!

2006 - 2014: Hotels (from Intern to General Manager) 2014 - Current: (Business Systems Analyst) 2015 - Current: Internet marketer, website developer, creative thinker + problem solver & sorcerer

Happy Learning!

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