Andrew Whitfield

Online Sales Marketing & Webinar Expert

Having worked in every part of online retail, from start-up to business sale, sourcing stock to marketing it, packing to shipping as well as delivering great customer service worldwide I have a few battle scars...

Primarily I will show you how to make money by selling retail goods and services online. Find out the reality of what it takes and how your business - small or large, home-based or on the high street - can be part of it. You may be getting started with your own web store or eBay, fine-tuning your rich keywords on Amazon there's a wealth of knowledge to empower you I have been doing this for many years and made many of the mistakes all business owners learn from. My own business sources worldwide, promotes online and ships worldwide and my aim is to educate and grow your opportunity.

A published Author, Trainer, Speaker and Webinar Host I help people to be empowered, to take control and make more online

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