Michellion Narksusook

Renaissance Man, Adventurer, Explorer of Consciousness

Michellion Narksusook, aka Michael, is a Renaissance Man and a high level coach who adventures around the world while running location and time independent businesses.

He gets you to live the life you love by leveraging the power of your mind, by bursting your illusory bubbles, and through deep identity level changes.

He believes it's time for you to let go of the old programming that says you must effort, struggle, sacrifice, and wait in order to get what you want.

By age 30 Michellion sold his thriving financial services business, most of his possessions, and his Penthouse in a prestigious neighborhood of West Los Angeles, to commit to a life of inspiration and passion. Since then he's been going on international adventures, making music, helping men and women in their dating lives, and waking sleeping minds. He squeezes in coaching and teaching between these other “hobbies".

He spent over a month in solitude and deep meditation in the snow-capped Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada, where he dove into his conscience to then bring back and share his learnings with others.

Michellion attended elite schools such as the #1 Entrepreneur program in the WORLD at the University of Southern California, the world-renowned Cambridge University in England, and the world-renowned music school, Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.

He has over 15 years experience in coaching on using the power of your consciousness to save time and effortlessly get to where you want to be. As an international dating coach, he walks you this process in getting you to live your authentic self to find love naturally.

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