Sandy Ingram

Tax Accountant

C. Ingraham, RTRP is the founder of Taxes Will Travel, a mobile tax service established in 1999 in the San Francisco Bay Area. During these years Sandy taught basic tax courses for Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Taxes, retail tax franchises in the bay area. She is actively registered with the IRS since 2000 and satisfied the new RTRP qualifications in 2012/13. She is now retired and resides in a small fishing village south of the border.

The author of several tax books both tax savings, benefits and tax loopholes, she has published in both digital and print format.

When not writing tax books, she can be found writing children's books for preschool and kindergarten, a career she enjoyed before becoming a tax accountant.

in 2005, she became a certified Internet Marketing Specialist. This career move was short lived due to increased work load of tax clients.and Invoice Lines of Credit funding opportunities. She worked with government contractors and vendors to obtain accounts receivable funding to eliminate cash flow issues when fulfilling government contracts.

After retiring C. Ingraham wrote the book How to Become a Tax Preparer and Earn Big Part-Time. The book was published in electronic format and has experienced a consistent sales history. When she was introduced to Udemy, she felt the book could serve as a foundation for an online video course.

There were challenges in getting the Udemy course approved. The biggest challenge being that of a recording studio. She wanted the course to be about the subjects tax professionals rarely hear about. The securing of new tax clients and the basic procedural methods of launching a one-person tax service for the purpose of generating profit

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