James Hayes

Global Executive Coach and Trainer

James Hayes is a world class coach, trainer, and now Udemy teacher who has helped many around the world, from CEOs and top level executives to entrepreneurs and mums and dads.

Currently at one of the top 5 rated personal development organisations in the world, The Coaching Room, when you engage with James, you gain a depth of change in your life, developing your ability to live beyond your doubts and fears and experience your life as a powerful individual, free to engage with the world and act towards your goals and dreams.


Rave Reviews

Julie Sutcliffe - Manager, Australian Hearing

“The session was amazing. Via gentle and non-intrusive questioning, James managed to probe into areas I had for many years kept very private even from myself. James did not tell me what to do or what to think but instead guided what I was feeling. I was surprised by how the goal of the session changed quickly from one to do with food and eating to an underlying issue that I rarely, if ever, acknowledge, but is the main reason I have struggled to meet my goals. In only one session I came away with a clearer understanding of some of the demotivating issues that have held me back from this. By a shift in perspective from our discussions, I feel differently about how I will go forward with my journey and am very excited about a whole range of opportunities I simply didn't see before."

Claire McWilliam - Sales Manager, McWilliams Wine Group

“I want to thank James for your continued enthusiasm and support over the last two weeks. The coaching sessions were more invaluable than you could ever realise! I wish James all the best and all the power in the world to keep doing what he is doing with the coaching, because he is changing lives!"


Experience and Qualifications

- Partner at The Coaching Room

- Managing Director New Beginnings Coaching

- Managing Director NuYu Total Health Hawkesbury

- Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro‐Semantics

- Meta‐NLP Certified Practitioner of Neuro‐Semantics

- Meta‐NLP Associate Certified Meta‐Coach (ACMC)

- Bachelor of Economics (Finance and Economics)

- Life Risk Specialist – Financial Planning Association

- Member of the Institute of Integral Leadership

- Member of the International Society of Neuro‐Semantics

- Member of the Meta‐Coach Federation (MCF)

- Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

- Member of International Coach Academy (ICA)

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