Instructor Biography Rick Ostler Ostler

Consulting to entrepreneurs and small businesses

Rick is the Founder and President of North American Waterway, Design, Manufacture and Distributor of boat canvas. Has over 45 years experience in the boating industry.

An entrepreneur at heart, for over 10 years now Rick has been inspiring and teaching entrepreneurs and business owners how to have more successful businesses, that give them more freedom, money and personal fulfilment.

Rick's self-taught marketing expertise does consulting and coaching on how to sell products, seminars and coaching programs.

His career has been dedicated to learning, seeking opportunities and solving unique business and marketing challenges of small and medium sized businesses.



I have trained people and companies on creating Newsletters, the most powerful media that you can possibly be using to grow your business. After years of studying newsletters, I created the formula for creating newsletters that get open and get read.


I have advised companies of all sizes, a universal problem that virtually every business owner has and it’s the number one thing I’m told they need help with...I need help building my customer list! Understanding the value of having an email list that time and time again will deliver the highest Return-On-Investment of any digital marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Marketing

I am one of the early members on LinkedIn. I discovered the value using LinkedIn to its full potential using my B2B Marketing tactics and strategies to do business with companies and entrepreneurs from around the world.... It’s very exciting to be able to reach out to the world that way!I have expanded my network of contacts to over 23,000 and have created the Email Marketing Group with over 1500 members.

Direct Marketing Specialist

I do consulting with small to medium size companies and entrepreneurs on how to combine classic lead generation with effective marketing plans to get prospects, customers and clients to take action with an end goal in mind. Get current customers and clients to spend more money and the ones that are inactive on your list, to come back to do business with you and your company.

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