Steve Harris

Bio Hacker and Warrior Nerd!


For the rest of your life.

That is it.

So are you going to look after it and maximise it's awesome potential?

Steve Harris is a high end strength and fitness coach who owns his own facility, trains elite athletes, mentors university students through their degrees and runs live workshops/seminars in health, fitness and strength training.

As a national champion in 4 different sports.... who suffered a career ending hip injury, he has turned his life towards education and helps his clients through concise learning experiences in the fields of Health & Fitness, Social & Group Dynamics, Productivity and Leisure activities.

Steve believes that real education takes place outside the university halls and is a lifelong journey, not a destination. Contracting for elite sports teams, running his own businesses and exploring over 22 countries has given him a greater insight of the world and its inhabitants. Steve turns each of his global adventures and experiences into a learning opportunity for himself, his interns, his athletes and his clients.

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